Zlatna jabuka trail

Something completely different
The Zlatna apple trail offers an experience and a different kind of walking on Zvijezda mountain. Since it is part of the Transversal Star Trail from Vara, the beauty of the trail itself and the area is recognized by local mountaineers. This mountain is not the most famous mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is very attractive. Passing through the tall forest, you reach meadows and pastures with mountain grass and organized picnic areas. All visitors are delighted with the wealth of folklore about the villa from Zvijezda, mining in these areas and old towns in the area, snowshoeing is especially attractive in this area in winter. The path that passes through the slopes of Zvijezda through mountain villages and high forest is pleasant for walking even on the hottest days, and the diverse flora and fauna give the journey a special charm. Hiking in this part of the Zvijezda mountain is very interesting, from several places there are beautiful views towards the mountains of central Bosnia: Bjelašnica, Vranica, Vlašić, Trebević, Treskavica, Jahorina, Selačka planina, Budoželjska planina and Perun, since it is lower than them, there is an opportunity to enjoyment and photography.
Folk tales about villas and old towns
Since the hiking trail is built in such a way that it overcomes a big climb, and there are no big climbs on the trail, it is suitable for guests with less fitness and children over 12 years old. The path passes through a tall forest and glades, which makes it a pleasant walk. Passing this path, guests are given the opportunity to see what the inhabitants of this region did, how they lived and how they live today. The stories about mining leave a special impression on the guests, especially recently as the exploration of non-ferrous and precious metal ores has begun, we certainly must not leave out the great wealth of folk tales that, told by the guide, give the hike a special atmosphere. No previous experience is required. Even children of 12 years can participate accompanied by their parents. Don't forget to bring your own sunscreen, snacks and water. In case of colder weather, take a long-sleeved T-shirt.
Short Way
09:00 - arrival at the destination - Vareš
09:10 - Preparation for the trip and safety guide 09:10 - Tour of the city / Lake Smreka-Nula, Monuments, Single-arched stone bridge on the river Stavnja, Architectural ensemble of the parish church of St. Mihovila, Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary/ (option + tickets)
09:30 – preparation for the trip and safety guide
09:35 - start of the journey
11:40 - arrival at the "Mekuše" mountain lodge
13:40 - arrival at the top of Krš 1349 masl.
2:40 p.m. - arrival at the mountain lodge "Mekuše"
14:45 – departure for Vareš
16:00 – departure to Vareš
16:20 - departure for Sarajevo
17:40 - return to Sarajevo
Travel notes
Group size
Min. 8 - maximum 16 people per group. Larger groups on request. NOTE: If the group has less than 4 registered persons, and the client still wants the excursion to take place, the price of the excursion is increased by 20% of the price per person.
The trail is easy (technical T1, conditioning K1)
List of equipment
• shorts and a hat
• T-shirt and walking shoes (or sports shoes)
• a towel
• suntan lotion
• water and snack (optional)
Visit Vareš is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.
• All prices are per person expressed in KM
• Minimum age: 12 years accompanied by parent(s)
• Discount for children is not valid
• Group discount: valid for groups of 20 or more
What's included:
• Guide in English
• Tickets if the tour is combined with a tourist attraction (option)
What is not included:
• Inbound - outbound transportation by bus or van
• Lunch or picnic
• Tickets if the tour is combined with a tourist attraction
• Necessary equipment
• Insurance
• Extras
TRANSFER - on request; the additional cost is calculated per person, depending on the pick-up point and the number of people, of 20 KM per person
Lake Nula in the Smreka mine
The lake is artificial, created by the cessation of surface exploitation of iron ores in the nineties of the last century. Through interventions, the water was taken through a ditch to the river Stavnja, and at that time the pier and the beach were arranged. The residents of Vareš use the lake for swimming, although the owner of the concession has placed signs at the Smreka quarry that swimming is prohibited. The lake is stocked for fishing, a daily permit is paid at the prescribed rate.
Monument to the miner
The urban part of the municipality of Vareš is decorated with numerous monuments erected in memory of people and events from the past that marked Vareš.
Each of these monuments has a story behind it, a guided tour of Vareš is a great opportunity to learn that story.
A single-arch stone bridge on the river Stavnja
We do not have exact information about the construction of the bridge and its builders, but there is a beautiful folk tale about love in the Bosnian way associated with the construction of the bridge. By visiting Vareš accompanied by a guide, you will learn about this folklore.
Mountain lodge "Mekuše"
The mountain lodge is open every day. It is possible to spend the night, sleeping in two bedrooms with a capacity of 30 beds, the home also has a hall with a capacity of 35 chairs and a garden with 40 chairs.
Other photos
Trip cancellation by Visit Vareš
In case of extreme weather conditions, Visit Vareš reserves the right to postpone the date of the activity, if possible for a day or two before or after the reserved date. If it is not possible to change the date, your payments will be fully refunded. You can read other travel conditions - Travel conditions.

Staff and experts
Visit Vareš guides and tour leaders will do their best to provide you with the best experience without compromising your safety at any time. This may mean deviating from the original itinerary to avoid inconveniences and/or risks, which may be caused by emergency situations.

Summers are usually warm and sunny. From May to October, the temperatures are pleasant for walking and cycling. There is always the possibility of rainy periods, so it is necessary to bring appropriate clothing and footwear in case of bad weather.

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