• Where to eat?
  • Where to eat?
  • Where to eat?
No tourist experience is complete without good food. Our people know how to enjoy food, so when that is combined with nurturing the old traditional cuisine, we can safely say that our food is, well... magnificent!
The best places to enjoy food are restaurants, which are spread over the entire municipality of Vareš.
Restaurant "Sirena"
The pond "Sirena" is located 3 km from Vareš. This restaurant with a long tradition is one of the favorite gathering places of the residents of Vareš, as well as the people of the surrounding towns. This place is known for its pleasant atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings and excellent dishes. The always fresh trout stands out in particular. The place for visitors is open throughout the year.
Fishing House “Mrestilište”
The "Mrestilište" fish farm restaurant is located 8 km from Vareš along the regional road Vareš-Kakanj in the valley of the Bukovica river at about 1000 m above sea level in a beautiful environment of conifer forests. It is about 10 minutes away from the royal town of Bobovac. It offers dishes: trout fish (raised in its own pond), grilled dishes from the beef, chicken and pork program, homemade brandy and other drinks. The facility offers 2 two-bed apartments, one four-bed room. The facility is open throughout the year.
Snack bar "Taverna"
Snack bar "Taverna" is located in the city center. It offers a variety of dishes, with the possibility of delivery. The capacity of the facility is 30 places.
Restoran "Šećerka"
Restaurant "Šećerka" is located in the city center. It offers grilled dishes, soups, dishes from the bread oven. In addition to the listed dishes, we also offer dishes made to order. The capacity of the facility is 30 places.
Čevabdžinica "Parić"
Čevabdžinica Parić is family-owned with a long tradition of working in the hospitality industry. They offer grilled dishes. The capacity of the facility is 20 places.
Resort "Wigwam"
In the beautiful surroundings of the village of Zarudje, 4 kilometers from Vareš, there is the "Wigwam" picnic area. The picnic area is over 1100 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful, unforgettable view of the surrounding mountains of Vareška and neighboring municipalities. Pedestrian and bicycle paths pass by the picnic area, and within a few hundred meters there are several buildings where you can find accommodation. The picnic area offers the services of serving homemade food, grilled dishes and drinks. Here you must try the homemade cow's cheese that the hosts produce on their farm a few hundred meters from the picnic area.
Restoran "Mlin"
"Restaurant Mlin" is located on the site of the old Vareš mill, in Novakovići Street and is about 700 meters from the Municipality building in Vares. The building itself was designed to fit into Novakovići - a part of the city that has preserved most of the original architecture and construction method. of Bosnian houses in Vares. The old mill is the only remaining stream mill in the town itself that is still in operation. Although there is no precise information about its construction, it is assumed that it is at least 120 years old and it is known for sure that it was built in the place where previously was located in Majdan - a forge, as evidenced by a large pile of slag that was created by smelting and processing iron ore, as well as forged objects that were found during the construction of the building. The river Stavnja flows next to the restaurant. The site is decorated with a waterfall that is partly natural and partly created by the construction of a dam that was built for the needs of starting a mill wheel. Above the restaurant is a forest path that leads to the famous viewpoint "Zabreška krivi na" which is only 250 meters away from the restaurant and offers a beautiful view of our Vareš. The restaurant offers dishes of traditional local cuisine, homemade bread baked in its own wood-fired bread oven. Pizzas are also available on Tuesday evenings. The offer also includes veal prepared in traditionally forged Oćevski pekas, brook trout from our own pool, Vareš cheeses, homemade dried meat and much more. You can enjoy Varese delicacies with the sound of the river and its waterfall, the clatter of the mill wheel and the chirping of birds on the terrace built above the water. In the same building, there are furnished rooms and apartments for rent, with a total accommodation capacity of 30 beds.