We announce the 10th International Art Colony - Art Colony Borovica 2024.

The tenth International Art Colony in Borovica will be held from June 20. until 25.06.2024. year, organized by UG "Naš dom Borovica". Twenty artists from BiH, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia have confirmed their arrival and participation.

The colony will open on Thursday at 1 p.m., in the Franciscan monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska, where a tour of the museum collection is planned, and will continue for the next five days with graphic, painting and sculpture workshops in the village of Borovica, as well as a rich cultural program and other contents.

The specialty of this colony is that it provides each participant with freedom of artistic expression, innovation in the approach to artwork, reflection, research, experimentation and inspiring creation in areas of untouched natural beauty and rich history at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

Art Colony Borovica is held in the immediate vicinity of the medieval royal town of Bobovac. Advocating for the equality of cultural development, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through guest appearances in this colony, is the result of the cooperation of the head of the colony, Stjepan Šimić Pepij, with HDLU Zagreb, DHLU of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Institute for International Creativity and Culture QRA" Sevnica, "Society for Development and research of cultural arts KIT4"- Dobov from Slovenia and independent artists from the region.

"On behalf of the organizers, a big thank you to the art lovers and visitors, the initiators and initiators of this manifestation for their wholehearted and always extremely great help, participants, patrons and the media." - they say from the organizational team of the colony.