Tourist info center was opened in Vareš

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Tourist info center was opened in Vareš

28.4. in Vareš, Tourist info centre was opened in the building "Bosanska kuća". The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Physical Planning of FBiH Josip Martić, Minister of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH Zora Dujmović, representatives of the German organisation HELP, organisations for rural tourism Alterural, members of KES Perun Va and representatives of the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of the Vareš region.

As a guest program was followed by professors from the University of Zadar, Mario Katić and Danijela Birt Katić, student Dora Palajsa, who have been engaged in ethnological research in Vareš for the third year and Jasmin Bešić from Vareš, the owner of a travel agency in the Netherlands.

A meeting was held in the municipal hall where the guests were greeted by the Mayor Zdravko Marošević, and Boško Andrić spoke about the current situation and activities in the field of tourism. After the meeting and the press release, the guests went to the newly opened Tourist Info Center. A visit to the apartment of "Baba Luca" on Strica followed by a visit to the production of eggs, pasta and cheese with Mladen Franjić and Josip Babić in Zaruđe, as well as a lunch in the house prepared by women from Strica and Zaruđe.

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