Students from the Catholic School Center in Sarajevo visit Bobovac and Vareš

A gloomy morning and rain showers did not discourage a group of 80 students from Catholic School Center in Sarajevo to exchange school benches with field teaching in the area of Kraljeva Sutjeska and Vareš. 70 students of 9th-grade primary school and a dozen high school students, together with their professors, arrived in Kraljeva Sutjeska in the morning.

In the Franciscan monastery they were warmly welcomed by the Guardian Fr. Željko, who is in the church of St. John the Baptist introduced the disciples to the history of the monastery and the values kept by the monastery. In the continuation of the visit, the students visited the monastery library, the museum and the nearby location of Grgurevo, Dusper’s house, and the canyon of the river Bukovica headed towards Bobovac.

Surprises in the view of the high water level of Bukovica and several fallen trees on the road did not prevent us from coming to Bobovac after 12 hours. A short pause in the shade of old trees helped us to collect strength for the Bobovac tour. The position of Bobovac on steep cliffs was a surprise for most students. A brief acquaintance with the history of Bobovac and some of the legends was even more motivated by students’ interest, and a number of questions followed.

After visiting Bobovac, we headed to Vareš by buses. Together we went to see the Old Church of St. Mihovil, with whose rich history students met Fr. Anto. Here we also handed out several symbolic gifts prepared by the students from Sarajevo to the children from the Small School. After that, the students went on their own way to visit Vareš according to their wishes. Some went for a tour of the old part of the city, while the others headed for the Stone Bridge and Lake Nula(Smreka).

Already visibly tired, full of beautiful impressions and with some new knowledge, we headed to the houses. Beautiful impressions and smiles on the faces should be an invitation for others on a nice and useful day.