Representatives of VIA DINARICA in Vareš

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Representatives of VIA DINARICA in Vareš

7.6.2017.g. In Vareš, representatives of UNDP and the Via Dinarica team were staying. Via Dinarica is a concept connecting seven countries through which the mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps extends from Slovenia to Northern Albania. The heart of this "mega track", similar to Via Alpina and Apalača, is in BiH, Croatia and Montenegro.

This project is an initiative of USAID and UNDP, which focuses on the part of Via Dinarica in BiH and is implemented in cooperation with local partners. It is designed with the overall goal of contributing to the reduction of economic, social and regional diversity in BiH through the affirmation of Via Dinarica as a regional tourist destination, as well as increasing the competitiveness of BiH in the field of tourism in nature.

Via Dinarica is a platform that promotes and develops local communities and small businesses active at a local, national and international level in the field of catering, services and tourism, as well as agriculture and cultural heritage.

The goal of the project is to establish the Via Dinarica corridor, with three main tracks - white, green and blue - as a tourist product of local communities that live and manage it, which provides sustainable incomes to a wide spectrum of actors.

The municipality of Vareš is one of those which the so-called Green line comes through and guests were visited by three tourist service providers at Strica and Sjenokos, who will receive funding under the recently announced Public Invitation.