Perun Trail

Something completely different
The Perun Trail provides an experience and a different kind of walking. Since it is a part of the more famous Via Dinarica Green Trail for walking. This mountain is not the most famous mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is very attractive. Passing through the tall forest, you can reach meadows and pastures with mountain grass and blueberry trees. All visitors are delighted with the wealth of wild blueberries, medicinal plants, mushrooms, herbs that they can pick depending on the season, snowshoeing and ski touring are especially attractive in this area in winter. The path that runs through the slopes of Perun through the tall forest is pleasant for walking even on the hottest days, and the diverse flora and fauna give the trip a special charm. Hiking Perun is very interesting from several places, there are beautiful views towards the mountains of central Bosnia: Vranica, Bjelašnica, Trebević, Treskavica, Ravan, Zvijezda and others, since it is lower than them, there is an opportunity to enjoy and take photos.
Stories and mythology of the ancient Slavs
Since the hiking trail is built in such a way that it has a big climb at the very beginning, it does not pose a big problem because the climb is made through a tall forest. This makes it pleasant to walk on. Passing through a thick mixed forest of first fir and spruce, and then beech, hornbeam, maple and oak, you can see the inversion of the forest stands where the coniferous forests are at lower altitudes than the deciduous ones and enjoy the peace and the sounds of nature with the sounds of the wind and the chirping of birds. The history of the place and the mythology of the old Slavs give a special charm to walking, the beliefs of the old Slavic toponyms of the surrounding places intertwined with folk tales leave a special impression on every visitor. No previous experience is required. Even children of 12 years can participate accompanied by their parents. Don't forget to bring your own sunscreen, snacks and water. In case of colder weather, take a long-sleeved T-shirt.
Short way
09:00 - arrival at the destination - Vareš Maidan
09:10 – Preparation for the trip and safety guide
09:30 - start of the trip
11:50 a.m. – arrival at the mountain lodge "Javorje"
13:00 – break for a picnic and a drink in the mountain lodge
13:10 – nastavak pješačenja odlazak na vrh Karasovina 1472 mnv.
13:10 – continuation of the hike to the top of Karasovina 1472 m above sea level.
14:30 – departure back to Vareš Maidan
18:00 - return to Sarajevo
Travel notes
Group size
Min. 8 - maximum 16 people per group. Larger groups on request. NOTE: If the group has less than 4 registered persons, and the client still wants the trip to take place, the price of the trip is increased by 20% of the price per person.
The trail is easy (technically T1, conditionally K2)
List of equipment
• shorts and a hat
• T-shirt and walking shoes (or sports shoes)
• a towel
• suntan lotion
• water and snack (optional)
Visit Vareš is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.
• All prices are per person expressed in KM
• Minimum age: 12 years accompanied by parent(s)
• Discount for children is not valid
• Group discount: valid for groups of 20 or more
What's included:
• Guide in English
What is not included:
• Inbound - outbound transportation by bus or van
• Lunch or picnic
• Tickets if the tour is combined with a tourist attraction
• Necessary equipment
• Insurance
• Extras
TRANSFER - on request; the additional cost is calculated per person, depending on the pick-up point and the number of people, of 20 KM per person
The view from Perun
Perun near Vareš is not so well known, but it is a mountain with great potential for the development of tourism. So far, it has rarely been mentioned as an attractive excursion destination, it is not highlighted enough, but it is still a beautiful mountain. Perun is located between Vareš and Bobovac or Kraljeva Sutjeska and is one of the cult places in the belief of the ancient Slavs. It is on Perun that there is a mountain lodge "Javorje", which represents a kind of "vacation house" for anyone who decides to visit it. The home is located about an hour to an hour and a half walk (depending on your condition) along marked paths from Vareš and Vareš Majdan. The home also has internet. It should also be noted that the home is located at an altitude of 1427 meters above sea level, and by the way, the highest peak in the Zenica-Doboj canton is Karasovina on Perun at 1472 meters above sea level. Regardless of the altitude, Perun is a gentle mountain with beautiful landscapes that will enrich your walk in summer and enhance the pleasure of skiing or snowboarding in winter. By the way, this mountain is very often visited by cyclists and motorcyclists, and there is a regular jipiyada on the roads and trails that are ideal for "adrenaline" sports.
Karasovina 1472 masl.
Vrh Karasovina is the highest peak of Zenica - Doboj canton. On the top there are two gazebos with tables and benches, a table with benches, a cabinet with a book and a top seal, a barbecue, a trash can and a top marker. The paths to the top are well marked. Since the top is overgrown with deciduous forest, there are no beautiful views from the top, but on the way to the top of Karasovina you can look at it from other peaks such as Popova čardak or Greda.
Mountain lodge "Javorje"
Mountain house "Javorje" owned by P.S.D. "Perun" Vares. The house, in this form, was built in 1952. It has a hall with a capacity of up to 50 people, tables and benches with a capacity of up to 60 people are placed in the courtyard of the home, the home has three bedrooms and an apartment with a capacity of 37 beds. The home is equipped and a caretaker is present on weekends, other days by arrangement.
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Trip cancellation by Visit Vareš
In case of extreme weather conditions, Visit Vareš reserves the right to postpone the date of the activity, if possible for a day or two before or after the reserved date. If it is not possible to change the date, your payments will be returned in full. You can read other travel conditions - Travel conditions.

Staff and experts
Visit Vareš guides and tour leaders will do their best to ensure you the best experience without compromising your safety at any time. This may mean deviating from the original travel plan to avoid inconveniences and/or risks, which may be caused by emergency situations.

Air conditioning
Summers are usually warm and sunny. From May to October, the temperatures are pleasant for walking and cycling. There is always the possibility of rainy periods, so it is necessary to bring appropriate clothes and shoes in case of bad weather.

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