The facility is located in the village of Pogar, has 5 beds with the use of a dining room and a bathroom. From Vareš is 8 km away, at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level. In ancient times Pogar was an intersection of caravan roads. Beautiful rural idyll and clean air are just some of the reasons people live here. It is to be assumed that people here settled for the reason of the proximity of the old Royal Town of Bobovac. The gorges and bays were never all under the forest. There were always good and juicy grasses for the grazing of the royal treasure. We say treasure because it is to assume that the then authorities had to have a lot of cattle, which was then one of the most important units of the measure of wealth and position in society.

Marko Barnjak

LOCATION:  The Village of Pogar

CONTACT PERSON:  Marko Barnjak

MOB:  +387 63 718 590



TYPE:  Pension

CAPACITY:  5 persons

Food and drink

TYPE:  Homemade healthy food

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