The Stone Bridge

The old stone bridge over the river Stavnja in the centre of Vareš, it is assumed that was built in the first decades of Ottoman rule in Bosnia (probably between the 16th and 17th centuries), and this claim is based on his appearance and manner of construction. It is mentioned in the folk tradition that is the work of a woman. The oldest architectural monument from the Ottoman period in Vareš. The bridge is certainly the work of local builders, and when a building was used limestone, very roughly treated.

The bridge was built on an onion that resists the stone surfaces and is segmented. It represents a special value, not only in appearance but also in the fact that by the construction and architecturally, the scientists linked to the same style as was the Old Bridge in Mostar. It is very similar to most of the arched bridges from Ottoman period. His range is 7.70 meters. One of the legends says that the bridge was created as a result of passionate love between boy Akif and girl Anka. The two of them are, by prior arrangement, should get married. Waiting on the other side of the river, Akif was a witness when Anka fell to then narrow wooden crossing the swollen Stavnja. He jumped but only for the moment he could get managed to catch her hand. The water was cleared in the lower reaches of the river where they were found by charcoal-burners.

Sorry over the death of his only son, Akif’s father Yusuf decided that all his wealth he spent to build a bridge. Builders by the two parties put together in an unbreakable bond, just as in a death moment weave hands Anka and Akif. The construction of the bridge skilled craftsmen forsaken hole in which Yusuf trembling hand placed two gold rings adorned with precious stones, which posthumously married Anka and Akif.