The Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin in Vareš was built in 1891. On the list of national monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina was included in 2005. Already in 2009 was declared a national monument of culture. On the list of cultural monuments has been listed with their movable and immovable property. Now the church is used occasionally since it is not enshrined cleric with constant engagement in Vareš, this function is performed by a priest from Ilijaš. The church also has a very valuable collection of icons:

1. Sabor of Twelve Apostles 13. July

Author: unknown

Date of Origin: before 1868

2. The Holy Evangelist Luke

Author: unknown

Time of Origin: the beginning of 20. Century

3. Prayer in the Gestational Garden

Author: unknown Russian master

Date of Origin: before 1924.

4. Jerusalem

Author: unknown – made from the hadžiluka

Time of production: before 1864