The Old Church

The “Old Church” in Vareš is the oldest preserved Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among to local people is also known as “little church” dedicated to St. Michael, the patron saint of the parish of Vareš. According to historical records the church has existed since the 16th century. The church has burned several times in the fires.

The two largest fires were recorded: the first one from the time of the Vienna War around 1679 and the second from the beginning of the XIX century. The priest Paul from Rovinj visited the church at the time while in 1640 he stayed in these parts, but he did not describe the church. After the fire from the beginning of the XIX century, the church was rebuilt. According to the church priest’s statements, it was built in the same form and the same measures as before. The walls of the church were worked by the Hercegovian masonry, while the vault of the building was most probably done by the local craftsmen who were very skilled in wood processing.

Although there are no religious ceremonies in the church today, the church door is always open to all visitors. The Vareš festival of classical music “VaClaF” is held in the church every year. This festival every year attracts a large number of domestic and foreign musicians and guests who enjoy concerts of classical music in the unique interior of the Old Church.