Speleological complex “Stijene”

The cave Ponikva and the quarry “Stijene” are located on the outskirts of Vareš north, right next to the local road that connects Vareš through the mountain Zvijezda to the Krivaja valley. The location by itself is valuable, but also because of the morphology of the terrain itself, because on one side there is a deep-cut bed of Stavanja, and on the other quarry, in direct contact with potential visitors. It is a gold mine for researchers, as it is practically a safe in which many precious values of the previous periods are preserved.

In an old channel that is already quite muddled, the upper part of the skull of the cave bear, and the so-called cereal milk, young palaeolithic tools, as well as a piece of the harpoon, were found.

In addition to the paleontological values of this location, which have not been explored from a distance, in the cave already mentioned there is a rare type of bats known as the brown longbow Bat Plecotus auritus. In the cave that is located right next to the quarry, a completely new type of bats for Bosnia and Herzegovina Brandt bat Myotis brandtii was discovered. Along with these two species, the species of bats is also a small subgenus of Rhinolophus Hipposideros.

Immediately below the quarry, in the basin of the Stavnja river, it was discovered after the last war, very hot spring, which could supply water not only Vareš but also many places downstream.