Shameful Water

There is also the fountain of the same name on this spring, and about how this name and appearance of the fountain originated, there are more legends and stories. In one of the more popular such stories it is claimed that at that place, hidden from the eyes of curious people, once long ago the shepherds kept their personal hygiene. One of the legends says that Queen Elizabeth, who was here, came to the spring. This spring is located on the southern slopes of mountain Zvijezda and non-roosters from nearby villages often visited it and some of them would even become pregnant after visiting. So the voice of the healing water was broken and the husbands sent their wives to drink water to help them come to the long-awaited heir. The story spread from village to village until one day the villagers caught the local foresters and threw them out. After that, women spent a bit of a visit to the healing spring, especially after the Forester moved away in an unknown direction after these battles – another story tells of an unusual spring.