Resort in Oćevija

On the locality of Banje in the village of Oćevija on the road Olovo – Vareš there is a well-known resort where an international competition in the preparation of dishes under the peka “Pekijada” is held in the eighth month. In a beautiful setting, there are sources of potable and thermal water that belong to the strongest springs of the river Bosna and are a kind of natural atmosphere. The average capacity of the drinking water source is 120 l / sec, and one part is supplied with water by the city of Vareš. Right next to the source of drinking water, there are two thermal springs with a water temperature of 24.8 C, PH -7.9, Capacity 6 l / sec. The sources of potable and thermal water mix together and from them creates the river Oćevica which flows into river Krivaja. The water of the Oćevica plant has three blacksmiths in the village of Oćevija, which is the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one in Europe. Blacksmiths are at a distance of 1 km.