Old architecture

The old part of Vareš

The settlement Matijevići and Benići are the oldest settlement of the old Vareš. The settlement Matijevići stands out with the extraordinary natural and architectural solutions of the old Bosnian style of construction. Kreševljaković calls him “Mountain village”. Once inhabitants of this settlement traditionally opted for occupations of founders and blacksmiths. They were settled by the families of Pejčinović, Grgić, Koroušić, Brković and Vrhovčić, whose ancestors came from Duboštica and Bobovac from one place, and from the second version from the Krivaja valley, rescuing from the plague of 1605-1608. The old Bosnian houses Grgić and Vrhovčić are standing out.

Manipulation in the village of Tribia

During the Second World War, the newly-built line of the railway to the village of Tribia was used by Germans for the export of forest assortments. For the needs of the accommodation they built an object that is still called Manipulation, and it was used by the company “Stupčanica” from Olovo for administration. The building later belonged to the Karl Bruž family.

House in the Vijaka village 

The property owned by Gordana Kokorović in the village of Vijaka, according to the tradition, dates from the end of the 19th century. The building was a primary school before the Second World War.