Mosque at Karići

An old tradition from this region says that the mosque was built by Hajdar-dedo, one of the scholars who accompanied Sultan Mehmed Fatih on his march of a conquest of the Bosnian kingdom. Historical sources can not confirm the exact time of the construction of the mosque, but what we know is that it played a major role in the lives of Muslims from the surrounding villages, and this is confirmed by the fact that there is a hatma-dua at this place every year.

From the foundations to the roof, the mosque is made of tight wood without nails and with its appearance, it fits perfectly into the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it. Inexplicable enigma is found in the harem of the mosque, where in the stone of one of the tombstones there is always water. When the temperature is even plus 40, the water is in the tombstone, and the lectures say they are tears of the person who cried for a buried person.

It is believed that the water is healing, and the believers put a fingerprint on it and teach the dua for health benefits. Visitors to Karići can also visit Hajdar-dedo’s water and a girl’s crib on the Lipa plateau with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. There are also necropolises of tombstones in Didoradi and Kadija grave at Žišće.