Lake Smreka

The lake is located in the mine of the former Iron Ore Mines of Smreka at a distance of 1 kilometres from Vareš city center and is connected to the main road Vareš Majdan – Vareš. From Sarajevo, this lake is 50 km away and 100 km from Zenica and is connected with both these cities by road communications. The lake surrounds the hills “Kota” on the north side with a height of 1100 m and the hill “Veokovac” on the south side with a height of 1150 m. The access to the lake is possible from the local road. From the report of the municipal civil protection headquarters Vareš number 1258 / 96, the surface of the lake on the day 12.11.1996. Is 125,000 m2 with a maximum length of 610 m, a width of 320 m and a depth of 107,05 m. The lowest angle of the lake is 675.5 m and the highest is 782.1 m above sea level. The biggest depth of the lake is currently about 110 m. The lake is used by swimmers, fishermen (trout), and in winter the lake is frozen with ice thickness, which is 40 cm on average.