The Royal Town of Bobovac

Built in the middle of the 14th century, The Royal Town of Bobovac was the most important fort of medieval Bosnia. Bobovac was the key to the Bosnian kingdom, as the capital city of the Bosnian Ban Stjepan II Kotromanić, who took the first steps in its construction just before the first half of 14th century, then the Bosnian kings from Tvrtko I to Tomaš, until 1461. Therefore, when attempting to take over the Bosnian throne or in the destruction of the Bosnian state, Bobovac was the target.

Bobovac as the royal seat was the administrative-military centre of the Bosnian state, and the Bosnian royal crown was kept there. Bosnian kings Ostoja, Tvrtko II and Stjepan Tomaš were buried there. The last Bosnian King Stjepan Tomašević (1461-1463), due to the immediate danger of the Ottomans, transmits the Royal Palace to Jajce. After the occupation, the city of Bobovac was razed for justified, strategic reasons destroyed in 1463, which was confirmed by archaeological research, and then the Ottomans built the necessary facilities for their stay in the city (1463-1626) on the ruins of the Royal Palace.

The remains of this famous city are located 20 kilometres away from Vareš near the village of Mijakovići and Dragovići. Today, visitors can accompany our guides to experience a rich history of this city and medieval Bosnia, whose fate was inextricably linked. Walking along the paths of the famous Bosnian rulers, the Bosnian noblemen and watching the beautiful landscape that Bobovac surrounds for each visitor offers an unforgettable experience.