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What to Visit?

The rich history of Vareš is evidenced in the 8 registered national monuments, found at the area of Vareš Municipality, including the Royal Town of Bobovac and blacksmith (pits) in the village Oćevija, both proven to be attractive tourist destinations of the area. Old Vareš Church, better known as the “Little Church” among the local population, is the oldest Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just a few hundred meters away is another national monument – Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin. There are many cultural and historical monuments in the city and in it’s surrounding worth visiting such as single arch old stone bridge on the river Stavnja and the famous wooden mosque in the village Karići.

kraljevski grad Bobovac


Bobovac is the most significant and best-fortified city of medieval Bosnia. It was built by Ban Stjepan II mid – 14th century, and later it has served as the seat of the majority of Bosnian rulers.



Blacksmiths, as they called in Oćevija, a village in the vicinity of Vareš, are centuries old tradition, and according to the available data iron processing in Vareš exists thousands of years. It has been said that these are the last operative blacksmiths in the entire Europe that function on the medieval principle.

Stara crkva

The Old Church

The Old Church in Vareš was made 300 years ago and is the only one preserved from the Ottoman period. This is the monument that tells a story about the times, wars, understanding, freedom of religion and coexistence.

džamija na Karićima

Karići Mosque

Hidden among dense forest on one side and the top of the hill on the other side, the mosque on Karići is much more than just an interesting religious building situated far from city rush.

izletište Josipa Babića

Resort “Wigwam” and Farm “Zarudje”

Resort “Wigwam” and Farm “Zarudje” owned by Mr Josip Babić is a place you simply have to visit. Wonderful resort in the countryside provides you with the relaxation, enjoyment and tasteful cheese, product of the farm.

Farma Ajanovic koze

Farm Ajanović

Taste different types of cheeses of organic production at the farm Ajanović and spend the day in a very pleasant environment provided by the intact nature and fresh mountain air!

ravne i zubeta

The Villages of Ravne and Zubeta

They are characterised by the combination of rural and urban surrounding and possess great potential for production of organic food and the development of rural tourism.

strica i zaruđe

The Villages of Strica and “Zarudje”

The mountainous air, piece, tame landscape, all types of domestic products produced from organic farming are becoming the most suitable oasis for travellers and visitors.


The Village of Vijaka

The village consists of two area units – Gornja and Donja Vijaka (the Upper Vijaka and the Lower Vijaka). In terms of infrastructure, the village is supplied with the water, sewage system, electricity, landline and mobile telephone services.

eko farma

Eco farm Duboštica

The mission of the Ecofarm Duboštica is to stay in their home city and to produce ecologically clean products of the Bobovac area. A special way of drying and selecting herbs passed from generations to generations.


Lake Smreka

Location of the former coal mine Smreka lake lies south-west of Vareš at a distance of about 1km and is connected with the main road Vareš Majdan – Vareš. The lake is used by the bathers, fishermen (trout), and in winter months the lake is frozen with ice thickness averaging 40 cm.


Resort in Oćevija

At the site called Banje, in the village Oćevija, on the Olovo– Vareš road is a famous resort, renowned for the international competition in the preparation of baked dishes “Pekijada” in August.


The Chapel at Stogić

The chapel at the Vareš cemetery Stogić, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plecnik in 20th Century, represents his only work in BiH and for a long period of time it is not used for burials but only for the church services on the feast of All Saints.

stara arhitektura

Old architecture

Group of houses of traditional residential architecture in the old town of Vares – Jušići, and in rural areas. Especially interesting are the houses Vrhovčić and Grgić.



In the 16 inhabited places in the Vareš area, there have been registered 22 necropoleis of the total 314 tombstones (17 plates, 191 trailers, 100 gabled and six amorphous damaged). Two were declared national cultural monuments – necropolis in the village Budoželje and necropolis in the village Stupni do.


Peatlands on the Zvijezda mountain

A special feature of the plant world in the Zvijezda mountain are the spacious peat areas, peat bogs, most notably: Šimin potok ( the stream), Krčevačka bara (the pond), Karino brdo (the hill) and large peat bog, popularly known as Tentina bara (named after the former owner). It is the largest peat bogs, located about 10 km away from Vareš, on the north side of the mountain Zvijezda at the altitude of about 1,060 meters.

sramna voda

Shameful Water

At this spring there is also a fountain, notably, there are various legends and stories about the creation of this place and its name. In one of the most popular stories of that kind, it has been said that once upon a time this very place, hidden from the curious human eyes, was used by the shepherdesses for their personal hygiene.

pravoslavna crkva

Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin in Vareš was built in 1891. With its movable and immovable property, it has been included on the list of cultural monuments.

kameni most

The Stone Bridge

The old stone bridge on the river Stavnja in the centre of Vareš, assumingly built in the first decades of Ottoman rule in Bosnia (probably between the 16th and 17th century), this claim is based on the appearance and manner of construction of the bridge.

The Stone Ball – Las Bolas Grandes

Stone ball, located next to the regional road Vareš – Olovo is not a product of nature,  but it is assumed it is a  human’s piece of art.

Speleological Complex of Rocks

Cave Ponikva and the quarry “Stijene” are located on the outskirts of Vareš in the north, close to the local road that, over the mountain Zvijezda, connects Vareš with the valley of Krivaja.