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For all those who like a vacation in the beauty of nature, biking through Vareš transversal “Stellar Path”, is the ideal choice. You can visit the mountain of Perun, visit its peaks, beautiful glades and trails. Perun is offering flying with an experienced paragliding flyer where you can see the beauty of Vareš from above.

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For all people who like to spend their vacation biking in the beautiful outdoors. Vareš transversal “Stellar Path” is a great opportunity to see the beautiful mountain peaks, glades, and trails of Perun. Take a deep breath, watch, listen, smell, and experience the beauty of untouched nature that our bike trails will take you through.


Climb the highest peaks of Zvijezda and Perun mountains have to offer. The breathtaking landscape and stunning views will encourage a repeat visit.

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Team Paragliding

If hiking or mountain biking is not thrilling enough for the adrenaline junkie in you then treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure on a tandem paragliding flight with an experienced flyer. A takeoff from Perun will allow you to soar overtop of Vareš and witness this beautiful city in the only way that a bird could.