Mountaineers from Sarajevo on a trip to Vareš

15.4.2017. Mountaineers from Sarajevo spent a one-day excursion to Vareš. The excursion is the result of several months of preparation of the Municipality of Vareš and the Municipal Tourist Info Center, together with Sejo Lisak, a member of PD “Igman” Sarajevo, a well-known promoter of such meetings.

The first stop of the guests was in the blacksmiths of Mijo Jozeljić and Alojzija Vijačić in Oćevija, and a visit to Alojzija in his home. After that, they visited Josip Babić Resort and its plant for the production of cheese and the production facilities for eggs and pasta Mladen Franjić. Friends from Sarajevo finished their excursion in Mountain Lodge Mekuše.