Classical music festivals are today a very popular form of presenting a musical genre in major urban environments. But when you move to smaller places that do not often have such a form of culture, then such manifestations get a new dimension. They become reanimators of the musical life of the city, who remain silent for the rest of the year eagerly awaiting a similar event. And just such a sign is VaClaF for Vareš! In addition to concerts in the old (the oldest preserved Catholic Church in BiH) and the new church in Vareš, lectures and presentations are organised as interactive workshops in Vareš Elementary School with the aim of bringing this kind of music closer to children. The organiser of the concert is the Association of Friends of Music “Emil Cipra” Vareš (named after an artist born in Vareš) led by President Petar Jelić and art director Andrea Nikolić. Vaclaf has been organised since 2013. In the second half of September.