Ethnological research in Vareš continues

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Ethnological research in Vareš continues

A group of students of ethnology and anthropology of the University of Zadar together with its professors continues research in the municipality of Vareš. After two years of work and several phases of the research, individual topics were conceived that will continue to work more thoroughly and ultimately result in a graduate thesis.

The works deal with industrial heritage and post-war life, food culture, the creation of heritage and heritage in a tourist context, home and return issues, and the role and position of women. At the end of March, the first graduation thesis titled "Between Life and Death: Ageing and Dying in Vareš" was defended, and by the end of the year, two more graduation works are planned.

The main goal of the research is to publish a collection of works - to record a moment in time and try to present the processes and changes that have occurred in Vareš in the last hundred years. In parallel with the research, there is also work on editing and publishing of the Mija Zuljić manuscript from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Based on the previous positive experiences of young researchers, we are convinced of the success of this year's research phase.

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