Vareš hosted the managers of NK Hajduk

19.6.2017. representatives of Hajduk football club, team manager Roko Pezelj and assistant coach Zdravko Marković came to Vareš.

Representatives of VIA DINARICA in Vareš

7.6.2017.g. In Vareš, representatives of UNDP and the Via Dinarica team were staying. Via Dinarica is a concept connecting seven countries through which the mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps extends from Slovenia to Northern Albania. 

3. International Art Colony “Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom” Borovica 2017

Art Colony Borovica is traditionally held on the premises of the medieval Royal Town of Bobovac and in its immediate vicinity, in the municipality of Vareš. This year participation at colony was confirmed by painters from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine, and will start by gathering on June 2 at 13.00 hours in Cafe “Jazz in The House” and reception at the salon of the Mayor Zdravko Marošević.

Performance at “Sač-fest” in Nova Gajdobra – Bačka Palanka

On 21 and 22 May 2017. The Oćevija team for the third time participated in the competition in a preparation of meals under sača-peke in Serbia. After two years in Stražilov near Sremski Karlovci, this year it was decided to return to Vojvodina again, but this time to the village of Nova Gajdobra, which belongs to the municipality of Bačka Palanka.

Presentation of Vareš products at the 10th GASTRO-EKO FEST “Food with Sevdah”

From 10 to 13 May 2017, in Sarajevo, the 10th GASTRO-EKO FEST was held under the name “Food with Sevdah”. The festival was organised by the Association “Part of the Heart” from Sarajevo in cooperation with partner organisations. Otherwise, this event aims to promote cultural and historical heritage, natural resources, gastronomic offer and tourism potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is included in the Calendar of Fair and manifestations of the BiH Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Expert excursion at Bobovac

Organised by the International Association “Interactive Open Schools” (MIOS) from Tuzla and the Institute for the Protection and Use of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the Tuzla Canton, 50 teachers and professors from the Tuzla Canton area visited Bobovac.

Announcement of participation at the 10th GASTRO EKO FEST “Food with Sevdah”

The Municipality of Vareš and the newly established Tourist Info Center, together with NVO from the region of Vareš, will present tourist potentials and a rich offer at two exhibition stands, from 08:00 to 18:00 on the Market Square of the Faculty of Economics.

Tourist info center was opened in Vareš

28.4. in Vareš, Tourist info centre was opened in the building “Bosanska kuća”. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Physical Planning of FBiH Josip Martić, Minister of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH Zora Dujmović, representatives of the German organisation HELP, organisations for rural tourism Alterural, members of KES Perun Va and representatives of the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of the Vareš region.

Mountaineers from Sarajevo on a trip to Vareš

15.4.2017. Mountaineers from Sarajevo spent a one-day excursion to Vareš. The excursion is the result of several months of preparation of the Municipality of Vareš and the Municipal Tourist Info Center, together with Sejo Lisak, a member of PD “Igman” Sarajevo, a well-known promoter of such meetings.

Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina through villages

Today, April 12, 2017, organized by the Association for the Development of Rural Tourism in BiH “Alterural” ( and the Association for support and development of sports tourism “Avantur”, the promotion of rural tourism services in the vicinity of Sarajevo was held under the title ” Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina through villages “.