We announce the 10th International Art Colony - Art Colony Borovica 2024.

The tenth International Art Colony in Borovica will be held from June 20. until 25.06.2024. year, organized by UG "Naš dom Borovica". Twenty artists from BiH, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia have confirmed their arrival and participation.

The colony will open on Thursday at 1 p.m., in the Franciscan monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska, where a tour of the museum collection is planned, and will continue for the next five days with graphic, painting and sculpture workshops in the village of Borovica, as well as a rich cultural program and other contents.

The specialty of this colony is that it provides each participant with freedom of artistic expression, innovation in the approach to artwork, reflection, research, experimentation and inspiring creation in areas of untouched natural beauty and rich history at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

Art Colony Borovica is held in the immediate vicinity of the medieval royal town of Bobovac. Advocating for the equality of cultural development, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through guest appearances in this colony, is the result of the cooperation of the head of the colony, Stjepan Šimić Pepij, with HDLU Zagreb, DHLU of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Institute for International Creativity and Culture QRA" Sevnica, "Society for Development and research of cultural arts KIT4"- Dobov from Slovenia and independent artists from the region.

"On behalf of the organizers, a big thank you to the art lovers and visitors, the initiators and initiators of this manifestation for their wholehearted and always extremely great help, participants, patrons and the media." - they say from the organizational team of the colony.

Meeting of Royal Cities - Bobovac 2023

On the occasion of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, the "Meeting of Royal Cities - Bobovac 2023" will take place in Vareš on May 21, 2023.

The event is organized by the Municipality of Vareš in collaboration with OSCE, the Municipality of Jajce, and partners, including the Public Institution Center for Culture and Education Vareš.

The objectives of these meetings are to raise awareness about the importance of managing medieval heritage, mutual acquaintance and networking of institutions, municipalities, and cities that preserve cultural and historical heritage, medieval fortresses, and national monuments in their regions.

The official part of the meeting will be held from 10:00 to 11:30 in the Main Hall of the Vareš Municipality, while a cultural and entertainment program featuring performances by knight groups from Ljubuški, Jajce, and Prijedor will take place at the Royal City of Bobovac from 12:30 to 15:00. The program will be accompanied by the musical support of the medieval music ensemble "Fugato" from Zenica. There will also be a visit to the mausoleum and Vis Tower with several short speeches and lectures, along with a presentation of traditional and medieval gastronomy prepared by civic associations from Vareš.

𝘕𝘰𝘵𝘦: In case of heavy rainfall, the program will be held at the premises of the Center for Culture and Education Vareš (Radnički dom), and we will inform you in a timely manner.

Vareš hosted the managers of NK Hajduk

Vareš hosted the managers of Hajduk

19.6.2017. representatives of Hajduk football club, team manager Roko Pezelj and assistant coach Zdravko Marković came to Vareš. The guests came with an intention to acquire an insight into the possibilities of having preparation activities of the FC Hajduk in August this year. They visited the NK Vareš Stadium in Vareš Majdan and the Meeting House in Bijelo Borje. After that, they were received by the Municipal Mayor Zdravko Marošević. At the end of the conversation, they had lunch at the Fishing House Mrestilište.Hajduk will inform the local community in Vareš about the definitive decision very soon.

Training for tourism service providers

Training for tourism service providers

In Sarajevo, June 13, 2016. Training on "Capacity building of households with the potential for development of family tourism and B & Bs" was held. The training was conducted by Nedo Pinezić, President of the Community of Family Tourism HGK, and the organiser of the workshop is UNDP and the team of so-called. Green trails Via Dinarica. Workshop in Sarajevo was attended by 6 owners of accommodation capacities from Vareš, together with a representative of the municipality.

Participation in a workshop organized by Alterural

Participation in a workshop organized by Alterural

On Monday, June 12, 2017, The Alterural Association, as part of the project "Empowering rural tourism destinations around Sarajevo with the goal of diversifying rural economy" financed by the EU, organised a workshop on "Trends, digitalization and visibility in the Global Market in Rural Tourism". The workshop was held at Hotel Hills in Ilidža. Participants of the workshop were also members of the Forum Strica Zaruđe, Šaban Ibrišimović in front of the village household Ibrišimović and representatives of Tourist info center Vareš.

This was the second in a series of thematic training sessions aimed at creating a tourist cluster that will include rural areas around Sarajevo. The project of creating and implementing this cluster also includes members of the Women's Forum Strica-Zaruđe.

At this workshop, the lecturer was a renowned expert in the field of rural tourism Mr. Robert Bačac. His lectures, extremely useful lectures, covered several topics from the rural tourism segment, beginning with the introduction of the workshop participants with modern trends in rural tourism through the definition of the SWOT matrix of the rural tourist destination around Sarajevo to familiarise with promotional activities and marketing in rural tourism.

Representatives of VIA DINARICA in Vareš

Representatives of VIA DINARICA in Vareš

7.6.2017.g. In Vareš, representatives of UNDP and the Via Dinarica team were staying. Via Dinarica is a concept connecting seven countries through which the mountain chain of the Dinaric Alps extends from Slovenia to Northern Albania. The heart of this "mega track", similar to Via Alpina and Apalača, is in BiH, Croatia and Montenegro.

This project is an initiative of USAID and UNDP, which focuses on the part of Via Dinarica in BiH and is implemented in cooperation with local partners. It is designed with the overall goal of contributing to the reduction of economic, social and regional diversity in BiH through the affirmation of Via Dinarica as a regional tourist destination, as well as increasing the competitiveness of BiH in the field of tourism in nature.

Via Dinarica is a platform that promotes and develops local communities and small businesses active at a local, national and international level in the field of catering, services and tourism, as well as agriculture and cultural heritage.

The goal of the project is to establish the Via Dinarica corridor, with three main tracks - white, green and blue - as a tourist product of local communities that live and manage it, which provides sustainable incomes to a wide spectrum of actors.

The municipality of Vareš is one of those which the so-called Green line comes through and guests were visited by three tourist service providers at Strica and Sjenokos, who will receive funding under the recently announced Public Invitation.

3. International Art Colony "Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom" Borovica 2017

3. International Art Colony "Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom" Borovica 2017

[Art Colony Borovica is traditionally held on the premises of the medieval Royal Town of Bobovac and in its immediate vicinity, in the municipality of Vareš. This year participation at colony was confirmed by painters from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine, and will start by gathering on June 2 at 13.00 hours in Cafe "Jazz in The House" and reception at the salon of the Mayor Zdravko Marošević. Encouraging the equilibrium of cultural development, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the hosting of this colony, are the result of the cooperation of Colony manager Stjepan Šimić Pepi, HDLU Zagreb, DHLU of the Federation of BiH, "MUK QRA Institute" Sevnica from Slovenia and independent artists from the region.

Specific features of this convocation are expressed through accompanying artistic activities: art workshops, concerts, literary and poetic contents, exhibitions and visits to historical cultural sites. Participants and guests of the colony will visit the Bobovac fortress and the "Old Vareš Church of St. Mihovil ", which are the national cultural monuments, The Old Stone Bridge from the 16th century, the mine Droškovac, the Radak rock and the "Kings Pit" in Borovica. The guest appearances in this colony were announced and will be supported in the music-stage performances "Vareški tamburaši" in the first evening of the colony. The mixed vocal composition "Art Vivo" from Sarajevo with conductor Danijel Žontar and soprano Aida Čorbadžić will perform in Saturday's concert at the Bobovac fortress, and the rock band "Taxi Band" from Zenica will conclude at the Jazz and The House Cafe on Sunday, June, an exhibition of works of art in this year's workshops will be set up. Beside them, the writer and journalist Šimo Ešić from Tuzla will present visitors, as well as Boris Njavro, President of the Society of Dubrovnik Writers.

The painting workshop for the children from the Small School Sisters of the Franciscan Vareš will be led by the painter Tatjana Rukavina. Beside her, her arrival was confirmed by Hans Glaser, Margit Preis, Ana Marija Botteri Peruzović, Hrvoje Marko Peruzović, Josip Škerlj, Mišo Baričević, Diana Jurin Marić, Neven Jakovljević, Cvjetana Bazina, Mišel Stojanović, Trpimir Grgić, Goran Milinković, Jelena Grgić, Ernesto Markota, Matea Martinović, Megi Kunštek, Višeslav Lučić, Željko Koren, Nela Baždar, Snižana Romanović, Desislava Anakieva, Vlado Vesselinov, Iva Davidović, Jerca Šantej, Vesna Davidović, Mario Parić, Dubravko Tokmačić and Stjepan Šimić Pepi.

Performance at "Sač-fest" in Nova Gajdobra - Bačka Palanka

Performance at "Sač-fest" in Nova Gajdobra - Bačka Palanka

On 21 and 22 May 2017. The Oćevija team for the third time participated in the competition in a preparation of meals under sača-peke in Serbia. After two years in Stražilov near Sremski Karlovci, this year it was decided to return to Vojvodina again, but this time to the village of Nova Gajdobra, which belongs to the municipality of Bačka Palanka. Every year, Varešan's interest in this event is growing, so 19 of them went to Serbia this year. Apart from being the most numerous, The Vareš team was the most cheerful. All the time, other teams were invited to join them, and this cooperation with neighbouring countries will continue in the future.

Otherwise, this year's Sačijada in Nova Gajdobra was the sixth in a row and 49 teams from Serbia and the region took part in it. The event itself was in the best order with the excellent host organisation from Nova Gajdobra. Apart from the competition in the preparation of dishes under the sač, the manifestation program was enriched with the performances of local cultural and artistic societies and a competition in traditional national sports disciplines also was held.

Presentation of Vareš products at the 10th GASTRO-EKO FEST "Food with Sevdah"

Presentation of Vareš products at the 10th GASTRO-EKO FEST "Food with Sevdah"

From 10 to 13 May 2017, in Sarajevo, the 10th GASTRO-EKO FEST was held under the name "Food with Sevdah". The festival was organised by the Association "Part of the Heart" from Sarajevo in cooperation with partner organisations. Otherwise, this event aims to promote cultural and historical heritage, natural resources, gastronomic offer and tourism potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is included in the Calendar of Fair and manifestations of the BiH Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the two booths, representatives of the Association from the municipality of Vareš were present at this festival. Thus they exhibited their products: blacksmith Vijačkić from Oćevija, Ecofarm Dubostica, Forum of women Strica Zaruđe, farm Josip and Aleksandra Babic Sarajevo, Farm Ajanović Planinica, Association of the Izvorno Vareško, Association of women for rural development "Zvijezda", village farm " Grga" Zaruđe and Ranka Miletović from Pogar.

Departure to the festival was organised in cooperation with the Tourist info center of the municipality of Vareš, and the sponsor of the event was the municipality of Vareš. During the festival, with the exhibitors, Boško Andrić was also a representative for the municipality, as a senior designer, project monitoring and environmental protection in the municipality of Vareš.

In the three days of the festival, Vareš booths and their rich offer were exceptionally visited. Some of the visitors from Vareš booths were Mladen Rudež, Sejo Lisak, Hajrudin Berislavić, Čedo Novaković, Mario Andrić. On the last day of the festival and exhibitors, Vareš booths were visited by the Mayor Zdravko Marošević.

In the end, we can conclude that this event was very successful for the Vareš exhibitors and associations, and once again, all the luxuries of the gourmet gastronomy, craft products and tourist potentials were revealed.

Expert excursion at Bobovac

Expert excursion at Bobovac

Organised by the International Association "Interactive Open Schools" (MIOS) from Tuzla and the Institute for the Protection and Use of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the Tuzla Canton, 50 teachers and professors from the Tuzla Canton area visited Bobovac.

Guests were welcomed by the members of the Association "Guards of the Bosnian Crown Bobovac", accompanied by their guests, who had the opportunity to visit the area of the Royal City and meet with its rich history.