The Vareš transversal “Stellar Path”
The Vareš transversal “Stellar Path” is designed as an organised crossing of the Zvijezda mountain. The “Stellar Path” is designed so that visitors have the opportunity to get to know the most important cultural and historical monuments in the municipality of Vareš. In doing so, the trails lead through the beautiful, preserved parts of the Zvijezda mountain. The special attraction of “Stellar Path” is because they can be visited by mountain bikers. The tombstones in the village of Budoželje, the mosque in the village of Karići, the blacksmiths in the village of Oćevija, the Royal Town of Bobovac are just some of the monuments that can be visited within the Vareš transversal “Stellar Path”. All those who want to spend an active vacation in nature, riding a bicycle by the Vareš transversal is an Ideal choice. For more detailed information about the tour arrangements, please  contact us.