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Bosnian gastronomy fest on Royal Town of Bobovac

“Bosnian gastro-fest in the Royal Town of Bobovac” will be held on May 20, 2017. (SATURDAY), starting at 10 am, under the tower Branić at the northern entrance to the Bobovac fortress.The event is organised as part of the project “Tradition and multiculturalism, respecting differences to better interethnic relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Tourist info center was opened in Vareš

28.4. in Vareš, Tourist info centre was opened in the building “Bosanska kuća”. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Physical Planning of FBiH Josip Martić, Minister of Culture and Sports of the Federation of BiH Zora Dujmović, representatives of the German organisation HELP, organisations for rural tourism Alterural, members of KES Perun Va and representatives of the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of the Vareš region.

Mountaineers from Sarajevo on a trip to Vareš

15.4.2017. Mountaineers from Sarajevo spent a one-day excursion to Vareš. The excursion is the result of several months of preparation of the Municipality of Vareš and the Municipal Tourist Info Center, together with Sejo Lisak, a member of PD “Igman” Sarajevo, a well-known promoter of such meetings.

Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina through villages

Today, April 12, 2017, organized by the Association for the Development of Rural Tourism in BiH “Alterural” (www.alterural.ba) and the Association for support and development of sports tourism “Avantur”, the promotion of rural tourism services in the vicinity of Sarajevo was held under the title ” Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina through villages “.

Ethnological research in Vareš continues

A group of students of ethnology and anthropology of the University of Zadar together with its professors continues research in the municipality of Vareš. After two years of work and several phases of the research, individual topics were conceived that will continue to work more thoroughly and ultimately result in a graduate thesis.