A path through the villages

Something completely different
The path through the villages provides an experience and a different kind of walking on the Zvijezdi mountain. Because it is part of the more famous Via dinarica Green Trail for walking, the Healthy Food Trail and the transversal Star Trail. This mountain is not the most famous mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is very attractive. Passing through the tall forest, you reach meadows and pastures with mountain grass and organized picnic areas. All visitors are delighted with the richness of the culinary offer with homemade recipes for meals and drinks as well as products that they can taste and buy, snowshoeing is especially attractive in this area in winter. The path that passes through the slopes of Zvijezda through mountain villages and high forest is pleasant for walking even on the hottest days, and the diverse flora and fauna give the journey a special charm. Hiking in this part of the Zvijezda mountain is very interesting, from several places there are beautiful views towards the mountains of central Bosnia: Zvijezda, Smolin, Konjuh, Tajan and Perun, since it is lower than them, there is an opportunity to enjoy and take photos.
Get to know Bosnia and Herzegovina through its villages
Since the hiking trail is built so that there are no big climbs, it is suitable for guests with less fitness and children from 12 years old. The trail passes through beautiful Bosnian mountain villages, which makes it a pleasant walk. Passing through villages, guests have the opportunity to see what the inhabitants of those villages do, how they live and try various delicacies. Visits to farms and conversations with the hosts about work and everyday topics while tasting drinks and food leave a special impression on guests. No previous experience is required. Even children aged 12 accompanied by their parents can participate. Don't forget to bring your own sunscreen, snacks and water. In case of colder weather, take a long-sleeved shirt.
Short way
09:00 - arrival at the destination - Vareš
09:10 – Tour of the city / Lake Smreka-Nula, Monuments, Single-arched stone bridge on the river Stavnja, Building complex of the parish church of St. Mihovila, Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary/ (option + tickets)
09:10 – preparation for the trip and safety guide
09:15 - start of the trip tour of the Stijene tunnel/cave
09:45 – car parking at the "Sirena" restaurant
10:00 - start of the trip to the village of Zarudje
10:50 - arrival at the "Wigwam" excursion site
11:00  – break for picnics and drinks at the picnic area (optional)
11:10 - continuation of the hike, going to the picnic area and the peak of Obla Glava 1208 masl.
12:50 - departure back to Restaurant "Sirena"
14:20 - departure for Sarajevo
15:20 return to Sarajevo
Travel notes
Group size
Min. 8 - maximum 16 people per group. Larger groups on request. NOTE: If the group has less than 4 registered persons, and the client still wants the trip to take place, the price of the trip is increased by 20% of the price per person.
The trail is easy (technically T1, conditionally K2)
List of equipment
• shorts and a hat
• T-shirt and walking shoes (or sports shoes)
• a towel
• suntan lotion
• water and snack (optional)
Visit Vareš is not responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.
• All prices are per person expressed in KM
• Minimum age: 12 years accompanied by parent(s)
• Discount for children is not valid
• Group discount: valid for groups of 20 or more
What's included:
• Guide in English
What is not included:
• Inbound - outbound transportation by bus or van
• Lunch or picnic
• Tickets if the tour is combined with a tourist attraction
• Necessary equipment
• Insurance
• Extras
TRANSFER - on request; the additional cost is calculated per person, depending on the pick-up point and the number of people, of 20 KM per person
Stijene tunnel/cave plan
The Ponikva cave near Vareš has long served as a local macadam road connecting Vareš with the Krivaja valley. For local needs (a sawmill and a large number of villages on Zvijezda), the cave was artificially widened in several places so that larger trucks with lumber could pass through without hindrance. The cave is also an active sinkhole of the Ponikva river.
The Ponikva cave consists of one main channel that serves as a tunnel and two smaller ones that are active, since the Ponikva river enters one of them, and exits through the other (which is a continuation of the first) during high water when the abyss at the end of the first channel can to receive all the water. There are also old fossil channels at a higher altitude. They are connected to the active channel with several narrower vertical channels. One such canal is located on the left side (viewed from Vareš), 100 meters away. After a few meters of the narrow canal, you will reach a circular room, which, due to its wooden construction, was also used for human habitation in the not-so-distant past. Immediately after the "entrance" to that room, several bat bones were found on the ground: three incomplete forearms and 2 upper arms (femurs). According to the key (Felten et al., 1973) the humerus belonged to the species Eptesicus serotinus Schreber, 1774 and Myotis myotis Borkhausen, 1797 / Myotis blythii Tomes, 1857. During our stay (in March 1997) it flew out from inside the canal and again flew into the small arched chimney one Rhinolophus sp. A find of Rhinolophus hipossideros Bechstein, 1800 (Felten et al., 1977) is known from Vareš, which is in the collection of the Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg (Germany).
Not far from the entrance to the mentioned side channel in March 2007. In August, one trampled specimen of Rhinolophus sp. The reasons for his death are exclusively large trucks that drive very intensively through this tunnel, and which, with their transverse dimensions, reduce to a minimum the chance that a bat, flying out of a side channel, will avoid them.
Considering the intensity of the traffic of large trucks through the tunnel/cave during the day, no new cases of dead bats can be expected. A simple action that would consist in reducing the speed of trucks passing by this side channel.
Inside the tunnel/cave next to the regional road (traffic goes in both directions) there is also a pedestrian path, the space is lit so that it gives tourists the opportunity to visit.
Sirena pond
The pond "Sirena" is located in Vares and always offers fresh trout. Next to the restaurant there is also a great playroom for children. Rinjak "Sirena" is located in the heart of nature. In this place, it is possible to organize lunch by agreement with the owner, a wide variety of dishes is offered, the most popular dish being fresh trout.
The village of Zarudje and Strica with the Oble Glave massif 1208m asl.
The villages of Zarudje and Strica are old tourist villages from the time of the SFRY, several houses rent out rooms and apartments for visitors, several cottages and houses are rented out as holiday homes. There are several producers of healthy food in the village: honey, jams, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages, homemade juices, fresh trout fish, fresh eggs, pasta made from buckwheat and homemade flour, young, fatty and seasoned cheeses are only part of the offer.
The Wigwam picnic area is an ideal place for a vacation
The picnic area offers drinks and grilled food, a lounge, horse and pony riding on a couple of occasions from their own experience and working with the owner and staff, they also allowed the setting up of tents and caravans for a fee.
The hiking and mountain biking trails are arranged and marked
Several interesting trails pass through the villages of Zarudje and Strica: "Healthy Food Trail" is a local trail designed by food producers, where you can taste and buy food. The Vareš transversal "Star Trail" is 158 km long with 21 checkpoints, the trails are marked and marked, resting areas with gazebos have been arranged along the trail, it is still left to place boxes with books and stamps of the transversal, arrange water sources, if necessary, repair marking and signaling and to submit the transversal to the PSBiH/PSFBiH commission so that they can make it official. Transversal badges, emblems and diaries were made. The Via Dinarica Green Path also passes through these villages, it uses part of the "Star Trail" route for its purposes.
Obla Glava excursion site
The picnic area is public, in addition to the gazebo for resting, there is also a field for soccer and volleyball, and there used to be a trim path leading up to the picnic area itself, which was pretty much devastated due to cutting down the forest and carelessness.
Other photos
Trip cancellation by Visit Vareš
In case of extreme weather conditions, Visit Vareš reserves the right to postpone the date of the activity, if possible for a day or two before or after the reserved date. If it is not possible to change the date, your payments will be fully refunded. You can read other travel conditions - Travel conditions.

Staff and experts
Visit Vareš guides and tour leaders will do their best to provide you with the best experience without compromising your safety at any time. This may mean deviating from the original itinerary to avoid inconveniences and/or risks, which may be caused by emergency situations.


Summers are usually warm and sunny. From May to October, the temperatures are pleasant for walking and cycling. There is always the possibility of rainy periods, so it is necessary to bring appropriate clothing and footwear in case of bad weather.

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