3. International Art Colony "Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom" Borovica 2017

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3. International Art Colony "Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom" Borovica 2017

[Art Colony Borovica is traditionally held on the premises of the medieval Royal Town of Bobovac and in its immediate vicinity, in the municipality of Vareš. This year participation at colony was confirmed by painters from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine, and will start by gathering on June 2 at 13.00 hours in Cafe "Jazz in The House" and reception at the salon of the Mayor Zdravko Marošević. Encouraging the equilibrium of cultural development, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the hosting of this colony, are the result of the cooperation of Colony manager Stjepan Šimić Pepi, HDLU Zagreb, DHLU of the Federation of BiH, "MUK QRA Institute" Sevnica from Slovenia and independent artists from the region.

Specific features of this convocation are expressed through accompanying artistic activities: art workshops, concerts, literary and poetic contents, exhibitions and visits to historical cultural sites. Participants and guests of the colony will visit the Bobovac fortress and the "Old Vareš Church of St. Mihovil ", which are the national cultural monuments, The Old Stone Bridge from the 16th century, the mine Droškovac, the Radak rock and the "Kings Pit" in Borovica. The guest appearances in this colony were announced and will be supported in the music-stage performances "Vareški tamburaši" in the first evening of the colony. The mixed vocal composition "Art Vivo" from Sarajevo with conductor Danijel Žontar and soprano Aida Čorbadžić will perform in Saturday's concert at the Bobovac fortress, and the rock band "Taxi Band" from Zenica will conclude at the Jazz and The House Cafe on Sunday, June, an exhibition of works of art in this year's workshops will be set up. Beside them, the writer and journalist Šimo Ešić from Tuzla will present visitors, as well as Boris Njavro, President of the Society of Dubrovnik Writers.

The painting workshop for the children from the Small School Sisters of the Franciscan Vareš will be led by the painter Tatjana Rukavina. Beside her, her arrival was confirmed by Hans Glaser, Margit Preis, Ana Marija Botteri Peruzović, Hrvoje Marko Peruzović, Josip Škerlj, Mišo Baričević, Diana Jurin Marić, Neven Jakovljević, Cvjetana Bazina, Mišel Stojanović, Trpimir Grgić, Goran Milinković, Jelena Grgić, Ernesto Markota, Matea Martinović, Megi Kunštek, Višeslav Lučić, Željko Koren, Nela Baždar, Snižana Romanović, Desislava Anakieva, Vlado Vesselinov, Iva Davidović, Jerca Šantej, Vesna Davidović, Mario Parić, Dubravko Tokmačić and Stjepan Šimić Pepi.

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