Welcome to VisitVareš tourist community website, your guide to which you will become acquainted with the true values of this small, but an exceptional town, situated in the very heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


What to Visit?

Learn about our historical landmarks, acquire valuable knowledge about the ultimate place in Europe and in the world, where the traditional and pre-industrial manners of iron forging.

Šimin potok

Where to Stay?

If you are annoyed with city noise and would like to spend some time listening to the sounds of nature, then stay in one of our country households, where you will be welcomed by very friendly hosts. Peace, quiet and delicious homemade food will make you feel comfortable and joyful.

paraglideri u zraku


Fresh and clean air produced by unique Vareš nature, is excellent for sports activities. Mountain biking, climbing, skiing, paragliding are only some of the activities we provide.

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