Restaurant "Mlin"

Restaurant "Mlin" is located on the site of the old Vareš mill, in Novakovići Street, and is about 700 meters from the Municipality building in Vareš. The building itself was designed to fit into Novakovići - a part of the city that has preserved most of the original architecture and construction method. of Bosnian houses in Vares. The old mill is the only remaining stream mill in the town itself that is still in operation. Although there is no precise information about its construction, it is assumed that it is at least 120 years old and it is known for sure that it was built in the place where previously was located in Majdan - a forge, as evidenced by a large pile of slag that was created by smelting and processing iron ore, as well as forged objects that were found during the construction of the building. The river Stavnja flows next to the restaurant. The site is decorated with a waterfall that is partly natural and partly created by the construction of a dam that was built for the needs of starting a mill wheel. Above the restaurant is a forest path that leads to the famous viewpoint "Zabreška curve" which is only 250 meters away from the restaurant and offers a beautiful view of our Vareš. The restaurant offers dishes of traditional local cuisine, homemade bread baked in its own wood-fired bread oven. Pizzas are also available on Tuesday evenings. The offer also includes veal prepared in traditionally forged Oćevski sach (cooking pot), brook trout from our own pool, Vareš cheeses, homemade dried meat and much more. You can enjoy Varese delicacies with the sound of the river and its waterfall, the clatter of the mill wheel and the chirping of birds on the terrace built above the water. In the same building, there are furnished rooms and apartments for rent, with a total accommodation capacity of 30 beds.
location: Novakovići bb
Contact person: Restaurant Mlin
PHONE: +38761771583
MOBILE: +38762549946
Type: Rural household
Capacity: 30
Price: Upon agreement
Opened: Throughout the year
Food and drinks
type of food: Homemade food
"for all other informations, please contact an owner"
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