Mountain lodge "Mekuše"

The mountain lodge Mekuše, run by the Vareš Mountain Association, is located at 1230 m above sea level on the mountain of Zvijezda. The house is about 10 km from Vareš and is located in beautiful nature, surrounded by coniferous and whitewashed woods. There are three directions to the mountaineering home: from Vareš through Viaduct to Majdan, then through Vareš, across Ponikve to Mekuše, this road is a bit longer, about 12 km and the third road is across Resort Dole on Zvijezda mountain. For visitors who come by private car and buses, there are roads all the way to lodge. In the area of the Zvijezda mountain, members of the Society have made a marking of a hiking trail that can serve not only mountaineers but also for organising photo safaris and a school in nature. Also near the house, there are volleyball and football pitches. House capacity is 30 beds with a capacity of 40 seats. The home has electricity, water and telephone. The home is open 24 hours. Here you can sleep, dine, relax, enjoy the clean mountain air, without worrying about the kids, because for the youngest is prepared a complete playground with everything that children need.
location: Mekuše
Contact person: Miroslav Mirčić
PHONE: +38761196212
MOBILE: +38761196212
Type: Pension
Capacity: 30
Price: Upon agreement
Opened: Throughout the year
Food and drinks
type of food: Homemade healthy food
"for all other informations, please contact an owner"
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